How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool


Preschool is a big step not only for your child, but also for you. The preparation you do in advance will give you as a parent more peace of mind when the big day arrives. For the most part parents are usually more apprehensive about sending their kids to school than the kids are about going to school. If this is you, don't worry you are not alone. Talk with parents who have gone through the same transition with their kids and ask how they handled it. They will have great advice to give to you and can be a point of contact if you have any questions going forward. Never the less, preschool is a great place for you child to pick up social skills and meet friends! Fontainebleau Children’s Academy has an integrated preschool program, created to educate your child and prepare them for their future academic years.

Tips On Preparing Your Child for Preschool 

Mentally and physically preparing your child for preschool will make this process a lot smoother for both of you! This is the beginning of their academic journey. They will learn a lot in these next years; however, what you teach them before arrival will be extra helpful. Reading your child books, participating in stimulating activities, and new experiences are all ways you can prepare your child. Before the first day arrives, help your child by simply acting out what they need to do when they are at school. For example, Show them how to hang up their backpack and talk about what is expected of them to do for the day. A visit to the preschool beforehand may benefit your child as well. Bright Horizons says that working on “self-help skills” will be useful, especially in activities like washing your hands, going to the bathroom, or tying shoes. The first day will be full of stress and anxiety, so make sure your child is okay and is expressing their feelings. Before dropping them off, you will know if your kid is feeling anxious or scared. If they are, a tour around classroom or any last minute hangout time with you might make them feel a lot better. Finally, changing your schedule around is something you should consider. This is a new experience for both you and your child, so a little time to adapt may be a great thing! 

At Fontainebleau Children’s Academy we strive to offer your child an enriching learning experience. We want to set up a successful foundation for your child’s learning, so they can be in good shape for future academics. We provide multiple types of learning experiences to educate your child and help them become the best version of themself! For more information about Fontainebleau Children's Academy give us a call at (985) 276-4022.


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