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Starting out Right – Why Choose a Preschool Setting?

Determining the right educational and developmental opportunities for your child can be overwhelming for a parent. For some working parents, having to leave a child with a  childcare provider is a necessity. The choice of childcare is typically a daycare setting because many parents are unaware that a preschool, which is often thought to be a choice left to stay-at-home parents, can also be an option for their child.     Learning with a Purpose Unlike daycare settings, which typically provide basic childcare services, a preschool setting can help prepare a child for the next steps in their educational development. Preschool can start your toddler on the path to lifelong learning by incorporating play into the learning curriculum. Often this curriculum disguises learning techniques as play providing children with much needed linguistic and logic skills.   In addition,  According to the National Institute for Early Education Research  (NIEER) "children who attend high-