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Easy, Educational Activities for One-Year-Olds

No longer infants but not quite preschoolers, one-year-olds are ready to reach out and learn. Entertain while you encourage development with these easy ideas. Parents of one-year-olds recognize their kids are in the first of several "between" ages in their lives. They're clearly no longer infants, but also not quite preschoolers. While parents need to keep their ever-more-independent one-year-olds safely occupied, they also want to seed strong skill development, mental acuity, and intellectual curiosity, so they're ready for a strong start at  a great local preschool . These listed activities are fun and easy to implement, and they encourage development. Calming and Focusing Play Ideas Looking to settle an over-excited one-year-old? Try calming and focusing activities like picture viewing, where you and your child tour the images in your house. Show him or her vacation stills, pictures of family members past and present, and of him/herself. For an even bet