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How to Teach Young Children About Giving Back

Everyone wants their children to be compassionate and caring, but in order to instill these values, parents need to teach young children about giving back. The traits children learn at a young age can stay with them their entire lives, so it's important to instill strong values of respect, compassion, and patience early on. Here are some simple ways to teach children how to give back. Help Them Choose Items to Give Away Many parents are used to donating clothes their children have already worn, but this is a great opportunity to teach children about giving back. Instead of simply donating clothes without the kids noticing, discuss the donation with them and ask them to help select the toys, clothing, or other items to give away. This is also a great opportunity for parents to discuss the importance of donating and giving with their little ones. Bring Children to Volunteer Activities It's never too early for children to experience giving back, even if they're t