How to Help Your Child Adjust to Preschool

Parents can prepare kids for success in preschool with these essential parenting tips around reading, talking, and playing. Read about the hows & whys here.

Helping a child adjust to the preschool experience is as challenging for first-time parents as it is for the little debutant scholars, but as the adage holds, previous preparation pays. In this case, parental preparation makes all the difference for everyone involved. Set your child up to succeed throughout the educational arc by laying a strong foundation for preschool with these scientifically sound parenting tips.
Talk to Your Budding Schoolchild
Talk about everything they learned while they were at school, and especially ask them about any fun art or writing projects they worked on. Give everything a name and practice using those names frequently. Not only will the child’s vocabulary grow, but so will communicative confidence and conversational skills (like listening and waiting one’s turn to speak).
Read Every Single Day 
Once you take your little one home from preschool, continue to show and tell them how much fun it is to read by reading aloud, with expression, and together. Use your voice to make characters and stories come alive in your child’s imagination. Make it interactive by pointing out objects and print on the pages, and then let your child turn the pages. Know what your child likes to read and know when to stop reading and let him or her be. Reading aloud to your child fosters interest in learning and encourages exploration of his or her world.
Encourage Play Time
Let your little one play, often and freely, and with others. It’s the best way to reinforce social skills like sharing, self-expression, and sensitivity to others’ feelings. In free-play settings, kids can inspire other kids and model each other’s positive behaviors. Also, be sure to teach your child how to be the kind of new friend they wish to make. Give praise to help positively reinforce displays of patience, generosity, and cooperation, and explain how these qualities make for smooth sailing at school.
Behavioral and developmental milestones are also important factors for preschool adjustment. For example, whether your child has completed toilet training, has separation anxiety, or has begun to use tools like crayons and pencils will impact their experience at preschool. By the same token, preschool is where most kids start building these fundamental skills.
Following these parenting tips helps lay groundwork for the formative cognitive and physical stimulation that a well-designed preschool curriculum provides for starter scholars. Fontainebleau Children’s Academy in Mandeville is just such a preschool. To learn more about preparing your child for success at our preschool, contact us at (985) 276-4022 to schedule a tour.

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